Share a Budget

You can easily share your budget(s) in Reep with another Reep user.

There’s no need for you to email spreadsheets, or make time in your hectic schedule to meet at a physical location to review your budget; you and your advisor/accountant or bank or another Reep user can collaborate and work with the same latest data, on-line and in real time, wherever you are located.  

The sharing feature enables all parties that the budget is shared with to take the best course of action each time you update your actuals in Reep. Don’t leave it to the end of the period to be told what you should or shouldn't have done – it will be too late then.

Click the Show Me How button below to start the in-app Share Your Budget guided help.

  • If you are already logged on, clicking the below will take you into Reep and the guided help will start automatically.
  • If you are not logged on, please log on after clicking on the Show Me How button below.


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