Budget Vs Actuals Comparison Overlay - Budget Editor

There are several sections where Reep provides you with instant updates and high-level comparisons between your Budget and your Actuals.

In the Budget Editor, the Compare Actuals feature allows you to identify variances between your Budget and Actual values on an individual income or expense basis each month. Simply click the Compare Actuals button in the lower right-hand corner.

This image shows the Budget Editor window after clicking the Compare Actuals button (circled)

Every time you import your updated file (and you can import or sync every day if you have fresh data), your updated actuals data is shown with your budget values so that you can immediately see variances or differences from budget. This means that you have clear and concise information at your fingertips to understand and manage your cash flow.

The Compare Actuals feature turns on a coloured highlighter that emphasizes these variances allowing you to quickly focus on critical areas requiring attention.

The coloured highlighter shows:

  • green for better than budgeted, or
  • red for worse than budgeted

The width of the colour bar tells you the relative significance of the variation on your Cash Flow.

A narrow coloured bar indicates that the item result for that month is a slight variance from budget and/or it is minor in relation to your total net cash flow position.

The wider the coloured bar, the bigger the variance away from budget and/or it is more significant in relation to your total net cash flow position.

Expand a Heading to see which account has reported the variance. 

This image shows the Edit Budget window after expanding a Heading (e.g. Cropping Income #1) to focus on individual Accounts/Codes (e.g. Barley #2). Compare the Budgeted amount #3 with the Actuals #4 for this item in the Historical panel in the lower right-hand corner.

Your cash flow movements #5 are shown across the lower section of the window while your current and previous years’ actuals are available for you at the click of a button (in the Historical panel #4) to assist you quickly to understand trends and to make balanced business decisions and stay in control of your cash flow.

You may make the necessary ongoing adjustments to the Budget Values #3 which will update the Cash Flow Forecast enabling you to better manage your cash flow. You may need to make adjustments to your day-to-day operations, to re-focus your business.

Reep has an in-app guided help that can take you through the Budget vs Actuals Comparison Overlay. To follow this guided help, click the Show Me How button below

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