Copy A Budget

Although initially exact duplicates, the original and its copies (and copies of copies) are different budgets: what you do to one budget does not affect the other(s). For example:

  • when a budget is edited, the edits are not reflected in any other budget(s)
  • if a budget is deleted, the other(s) will remain
  • when a budget is shared, other budgets are not automatically shared

Why you would copy a budget:

  • Scenario planning: Copy a budget and amend as needed for each scenario; this will give you a better insight of how your business could be performing in different situations.
  • Business Insights: When there are variations within a budget period, making a copy of the original budget and amending the copied budget gives you insight into your business and how you are tracking to your goals.
  • Sharing different versions of your budget with different people.

The Copy Budget function is accessed via the pop-up menu on the budget list. To copy a budget:

  1. Select the budget you want from the budget list
  2. Click on the vertical ellipsis (the three dots) bedside the budget name
  3. Click on 'Copy Budget' to display the COPY BUDGET dialogue box. At this stage, you can give the copied budget a different name, otherwise the default name will be [Budget Name] – copy.
  4. Click Yes to continue
  5. The copied budget will be listed on the left and an overview of the copied budget will be displayed on the dashboard. You can edit and share this budget as needed.
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