Reasons Your Actuals Data In Reep Might Differ From Your Accounting Software Data

Actuals data in Reep may differ from your accounting software data for the following reasons:

  • Reep rounds amounts to whole dollars
  • GST amounts are not included in actuals (they are shown in Reep exclusive of GST)

For Xero & MYOB AccountRight Live users

  • Asset accounts & purchases of assets: These will show in the account & month when they are purchased and do not show up in the associated asset account. These asset accounts are shown in Reep but their values are not imported.
  • Overpayments can cause some discrepancies when you choose to retain the overpaid amount for use against a future invoice.

    Example: You billed a client for $1000 in August for goods in Account X. They paid $1100 in error. You held the extra $100 as an overpayment. This will show as an income of $1100 in Account X in August. In September, you billed the client again for $1000 but this time it was in Account Y. The overpayment of $100 is deducted from the new September bill of $1000. The overpayment of $100 remains in the original account.

    In Reep you would see:




    Account X



    Account Y



For Agrimaster users

  • Agrimaster enhanced invoices that are outstanding are not imported into Reep
  • Reep actuals exclude Agrimaster GST and GST Accrual codes­
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