Keep Your Accounting Software Up To Date

Reep provides you with intuitive information at your fingertips to assist you to manage your business. However, it relies on your data being current.

It is, therefore, imperative that you maintain regular data entry of your transactions into your accounting software followed by regular re-importation of that data into Reep.

Once you have re-imported your actuals into Reep, the dynamic interface updates to present you with clarity on how your business is faring.

Use the Cash Flow charts and the Budget versus Actuals Comparison to better understand the ebbs and flows of your business to be able to respond to undesirable trends before they become major issues.

In particular, the live Budget versus Actuals Comparison gives you the ability to quickly and easily identify specific areas of concern right down to the Month/Code where a budget to actuals variance has occurred.

To reimport your data:

  1. Go to
  2. Log into Reep by clicking the Login button
  3. Once Reep has loaded, click on the Import icon on the left navigation bar
  4. Click the icon of the accounting software you are importing
  5. Click Connect to [Name of your accounting software]
  6. You will be directed to that software's logon window. Enter the credential you use to log on to that software
  7. Select the file you need to import into Reep
  8. You will then be directed back to Reep
  9. Click the tick at the bottom of the Sync window
  10. The import progress messages will display at the bottom right of the Reep screen. Once the import is complete, you are ready to continue

You can follow the step-by-step guided help within Reep to import/reimport your actuals into Reep. To follow the guided help, click the Show Me How button below.


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